Frequently Asked Questions

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Buying with Kagu Homes

1How much will my Kagu rebate be?
Your Kagu Cash Rebate will be 70% of the buyer's agent commission. For example, on a $1 million home, if the commission offered is 2.5% you get up to $17,500 as a cash rebate.* *Buyer’s agent fee subject to change. typical buyer's agent commissions are usually between 2-3%.
2When will I receive my Kagu rebate?
Your Kagu Cash Rebate will be deposited into your bank account 5-10 business days after close of escrow.
3Who will my Kagu agent be?
Your agent will be assigned based on region. Every agent at Kagu Homes has a minimum of 5 years of real estate experience and a track record of success
4Will my Kagu agent take me to tour homes?
No, the reason we are able to offer 70% back is because your agent only gets involved once you find a home that you are ready to make an offer on.
5How will I find homes to make an offer on?
We recommend visiting open houses! You can find open houses on Zillow,, & other major real estate websites. In the future you will be able to find homes right from the Kagu Homes website or app.

About Kagu Homes

1How is Kagu Homes diffrent from other real estate companies?
A lot of home buyers have already found the home that they want to make an offer on when they contact an agent. We want to empower those buyers by giving them a quick and easy way to make offers while saving money.
2Is this some kind of scam?
No and no! We are a team of real agents located throughout California with a common mission... to save home buyer's as much as possible!
3Where is Kagu Homes available?
We are currently operating throughout the entire state of California. Our Washington, Texas, and Colorado offices are set to open in 2022
4Why are you giving back so much?
Home prices have increased dramatically over the past few years while real estate commissions have stayed the same. During this time access to information has become readily available giving home buyers the ability to search for properties and visit open houses without using the services of a real estate agent. We believe that if you are taking some of the work off of the agents plate you should be rewarded for it!

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